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Do you wonder if you’ll have enough to talk about, without running out of things to say?  You don’t need to worry, you have everything you need in your imagination, and after you’ve had a few calls, you’ll realise that many callers are more nervous than you – they might be calling for the first time, they might be inhibited  - you can make them fly!

Okay, so ‘Guy’ is on the phone, he’s asking if you are wearing sexy undies, of course you can just say yeah, a nice black lacy bra and skimpy little panties, but look at yourself, look at how gorgeous you are, tell him how you can’t help touching and stroking your boobs when you wear the silky bra you’ve got on right now, cos you like the feel of it next to your skin, and it’s got a front fastening with a little lace up bit and you can make it a bit tighter so your boobs spill out of bit. Mmm, go the extra mile, get sensual. Get your inspiration from your own body (or the body you would like, ha ha!  I’m two stone overweight, in all the wrong places!!)

You can throw a curveball in at any time, just to keep him excited….so Guy and you are talking away, you can jump in and say you’ve just had a sudden desire to get a little bit naughty with some strawberries you’ve got in the fridge, plenty of opportunity there for you to be as explicit as you want, and you making juicy licking sounds and little pleasure noises is very erotic to him, and telling him how you love the feel of it in your mouth, firm, silky, with juice running down your chin!  Very suggestive! 

Who’s going to suggest cream next, you or him!  And where is that going to get rubbed in!  And please don’t even get me started on bananas…  we all need our five a day girls, don’t we? 

Sometimes you need to set the scene – what if Guy says ‘what do you want me to do to you?’ Well again, look to yourself, for your ideas, you might be curled up, comfy, so tell him you want him to trace a finger down your back very slowly, and that makes you open up like a flower, and you want to cover your eyes, so you don’t know where he is going to kiss you next, invite him to tell you where he is kissing you and react to what he says.  Keep surprising him, say things like while he is kissing you, you need him to brush parts of you with a feather or an ice cube. 

You can tell him that when he next calls, you want him to have a glass of wine ready by the phone, so that he can dip his finger into it can then tease your nipples with it, etc, and also, tell him that you would like him to write down five things he would do to please you, for next time he phones, and if they are good enough, you will take him somewhere he has never ever been …….

You will know whether he’s having a quick Barclays Bank, and just wants to hear you making coming noises while he ejaculates, which is okay, but makes for a bit of a short call.  Not much you can do to engage that caller, but just before he hangs up, remember to whisper your name and tell him you loved the way he came, and hope he remembers your name and calls you next time.

Remember, ‘guy’ wants to do things with you he’s not able to do, so openly encourage him, let him tell you his deepest desires, or guess them yourself – you can do anything on the phone, erotic fantasies are a great expression of feeling, no-one has to fulfil them, he will come back to you if he knows you are eagerly anticipating riding his massive cock, and feeling it probe your bum cheeks and slowly nudge its way inside, and telling him how you love it there, and you love it down your throat, especially when he keeps alternating so you can taste your lovely creamy juice off his cock.

It does have to get graphic, I mean it is an adult entertainment line, and if you allow yourself to enjoy using more crude language like “I’d love you open my legs and start slowly licking my cunt” you will be very popular.  It is personal choice, but you get immediate reactions, so you know whether he is liking what you are saying, but as always, it is the way you are saying it, your passion, your enthusiasm. 

I have spoken to other phone line girls, some of them just love the freedom of having a sexy conversation with a stranger, and do this work not just for the money, but for the buzz, and you get some absolutely amazing callers – attentive, they want to pleasure you, massage you, and treat you to a long pleasure build-up and a great climax – and if you get lost in what they are saying, they really want you to feel fulfilled too – and these are the callers who will keep coming back to you as they feel they have a successful relationship, and they are hooked on your words.

Don’t be surprised if they want to meet you, see a photo, or they say they love you.  Never ever go down the road of giving them your personal details.  You are completely and utterly anonymous, and they do not know where you live – keep it that way!

Be interested, be flirty, be flighty be dirty……

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