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What do I do if I don’t like the caller?

You call the shots here – no one will expect you to tolerate offensive behaviour from a caller,    of course this is an adult chat line, so he may get quite crude if that’s what floats his boat – my take on that is to let him carry on, all the time he is talking, you are earning….but not if it is offensive to you!  You can warn him you’ll end the call unless he tones it down a bit, and if he doesn’t tone it down, or answers back in a challenging way, you can politely tell him you are ending the call.  Easy.

But usually, they will tone it down a bit, and you can always turn it round a bit, sort of tell them that you quite like to be bossed around a bit and told what to do in the bedroom, and you’d love him to blindfold you and feed you his cock while you are on your knees, and he will soon be playing out that role (and staying on the phone…)

So if you can turn it round in some way, great, that’s the whole point.

If they are bang out of order, like wanting to talk about underage sex or anything illegal, again its up to you to warn them or guide the conversation back to a more acceptable level, like college girl sex instead.

If you just don’t like the caller but he isn’t doing anything wrong, he’s just giving you the creeps in some way, you could just be a bit cooler, just sort of switch down a gear, go into autopilot with your responses, and let him stay on until he has satisfied himself, rather than cut him off.  Or you can suggest he calls back and asks to speak to one of your ‘friends’ instead, as you think he’d prefer that. Callers are paying our wages, so we like to keep them happy, but no-one will ever expect you to be insulted or offended while you are on-line.

If they want you to talk about something you are not comfortable talking about, again, you can distract them with a tantalising suggestion of something which you got up to last night that you’d like to tell him about, but if they ae insistent, its okay to politely decline and if necessary, end the call.

But you know, the simple fact is, they want to be turned on, so if you kind of insist they listen to your favourite fantasy first, THEN you might talk about whatever he is suggesting, then you’ll probably get a pretty decent length of phone call anyway, arguing the toss (no pun intended! Ha ha!) about whether you will indulge his conversation.

There are always a fair few callers who like to be dominated, including being called quite degrading names, it is a very common fantasy as I’m sure you know already, so be ready to step into the sharp-heeled boots of a dominatrix and put him through his paces.  It may not be an easy role for you to take on, but if you google a couple of domination stories/scenarios to give you some ideas, you will be utterly amazed at how responsive your caller is, and you get used to it after a few times, so get creative, and put aside any personal preferences and get cracking that whip on the useless piece of **** on the other end of the phone – and don’t forget to get him to thank you for punishing and insulting him when you are done….

So, in a nutshell, if you don’t like the caller, you can either put up with it, make him listen to you so you don’t have to listen to him, or get rid of him politely and end the call.

But when you get a few regular callers, they will be fairly predictable in how the call plays out, and will be people you kind of like, sort of!

And if it is turning out to be a long night and if you are flagging a bit, have a few little tricks up your sleeve to keep you going and pep you up;

Keep thinking ‘onwards and upwards’ ha ha!

Have a little dish of grapes by the phone, they are refreshing, they give you a sugar/energy hit, and you can make suggestive slurpy noises eating them, with plenty of mmmm sounds and tell him that it’s his lovely big hard cock you are licking…

Have plenty of drinks on hand, coffee, wine, whatever.

Put a mirror near where you are on the phone, and watch yourself when you are talking.  Tell your caller you are doing that, it will drive him crazy, and will zip up your call, believe me!

Ask him questions about his fantasies, his first time, his body, anything!  It gives the conversation two sides and you a breather!

And finally, keep smiling – if you smile you sound better, all happy and sexy!

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