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What Should I Know About Being An Adult Chat Line Operator?

Despite any reservations you may have previously had about being a phone sex operator, there’s certainly something quite alluring about the role. Earning a good salary while working from any location at any time certainly takes the stress out of travel, choosing what to wear and worrying about being late. You create the role based on your terms, meaning you determine the hours you work, how often you’re logged onto the system and therefore, how much money you make. That being said, there are still things to know about being an adult chat line operator, that we feel it our duty to make you aware of before you join us. This will ensure that there are no nasty surprises while on the lines, and that you know how to handle any situation that comes your way. And if you ever need any further advice, we’re only ever a phone call away ourselves.

You’ll Need A Landline

To work for Chat From Home, you’ll need to have a fixed UK landline to receive calls from. You must also disable or remove any answering machine services on the landline that you’ll be working from, to ensure your protection and safety. Unfortunately, we do not allow agents to take calls from mobile phones. It’s also worth considering whether your current phone is comfortable enough to hold for hours on end, and whether it’d be worth investing in a new one. 

We’ll Prep You

We can’t speak for our competitors, but we want our phone sex operators to feel as prepared as possible before they start taking calls, and know just what they can and can’t talk about with our clients. This not only sets boundaries, but ensures our operators don’t have to discuss unsavoury topics that they may have been uncomfortable talking about. This includes stories that involve rape, incest, beastiality, drugs and murder, as well as situations involving those who are underage. We don’t condone any of this, and therefore do not want any of our agents discussing any of this either. We have gotten rid of operators in the past who have broken these rules, so it’s best that you follow them.

You are free to discuss topics outside of this though, but again, it’s your choice. If another topic is making you want to leave the conversation, then do. There are always callers waiting, and we only want the ones that treat our phone sex operators with respect anyway.

Things Can Get Weird. Fast.

As you may have figured, the conversation can get dirty and dangerous pretty quickly, and you will be faced with some unexpected situations that you may not know how to handle. Callers may want pictures, your address and every bit of information on your life. It can get crazy, but you should never give out your personal details, because your safety is far more important than keeping a caller on the line. Similarly, we will never give out any of your personal details to anyone who tries to gain them from us. Should you ever feel the need to block a caller, we will do, and we’re happy to block them from ever calling us again too.

You Need A Dirty Vocabulary

We’ll always provide you with in depth training, but it’s always good to get those creative juices flowing with a dictionary, thesaurus and some background research into what turns callers on during phone sex. Talking about the weather isn’t going to cut it, and neither is just stating the obvious what you’re verbally doing to each-other. You’ve got to sex it up, so that the caller can get it up and want to come back for more. Just think about what would turn you on, and how to verbalise that in the most seductive of ways.

You’ll Need To Give The Call Your Undivided Attention

We know that everyone can multitask, but it’s probably not the best idea to be doing the dishes while trying to turn a caller on. You may drop your phone in the suds, or break a plate as the caller asks you to do something untoward to his penis. Similarly, cleaning your house at the same time will likely result in noises that put the caller off, or make them think that they’re not worth your time. Answering emails is also out of the question. Believe us. You don’t want to accidentally send your sexual thoughts to your boss, and tell your caller that you can make the meeting tomorrow. You can lose callers due to this, so it’s good to prioritise time for being on the lines.

The Calls Won’t Just Be Sexual

You won’t always be simulating sex or bringing callers’ hidden desires to life. Sometimes, you’ll be discussing feelings of loneliness, the need for reassurance and the love they feel for the ones they’ll never have. Many of our callers just want someone to talk to, and who they feel will listen to them without judgement. In their eyes, calling you is a lot easier and cheaper than a therapy appointment, and therefore you need to take what they say seriously, and try your best to help them out. Should the issue be severe however, always recommend that they seek out further professional help.

Even If You Don’t Always Gain Appreciation, You’ll Be Helpful

You may find some calls draining, and some may leave you questioning your own morals, but, at the end of the day, whatever situation you find yourself describing, know that you are helping a caller get through a tough time, explore a hidden desire or at the very least, you’re making their day more intriguing. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do that, and even if your callers are not always grateful, know that we always will be. 

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