All of our blog entries are written by women that actually take calls for the service.

What type of personality works best on a chatline?

Well, three things you need

  1. you need to like people!
  2. you need to be bit feisty, NOT the job for shy retiring quiet types
  3. you need to be a good listener

The rest is easy once you get started, it’s a bit like sex really, you worry what it will be like and if you’ll be any good at it, and as soon as you get going, you can’t get enough of it!!  Ha ha, but yeah like sex, the more you put into it, the more you will get out!!

So if you are interested in people, that is the main quality you need to be good on a chatline, the sexy side of things is something every last one of us of knows about, and we can use our imagination to create any gorgeous erotic scene, then just describe whats in your head.  Its surprising how you can get lost in your story, ending up sharing a really sexy conversation without having to do what you are describing. 

I never told my friends I was doing chatline work, as I thought they wouldn’t understand, and some of them were moaning about doing part time jobs like cleaning and ironing – well Im sorry but if I can get paid for sharing some pretty saucy conversations with some interesting sounding guys, even if some of them are a bit ‘unusual’  in their requests, it’s a no-brainer – I will be moaning too, but in a completely different way!  I always feel really pleased after a shift, cos I KNOW I’ve made lots of people really happy, and that can’t be a bad thing!   

You wont get 100% great reactions, cos everyone is different, and sometimes a caller might just hang up, probably so he can dial in again and choose someone else, but don’t take anything personally, just keep doing what works for you, and you will get return callers who genuinely want to know how YOU are and if you’ve had a good day, before they lead into more sexy stuff.

Oh wow, one of the other fantastic things is that some of the guys calling in have such rich, deep intriguing voices, you can close your eyes and imagine what they look like, and its like having Daniel Craig making love to you down the phone!!! Oh Yes Please!!!

But Hey, keep an open mind too, cos you might have a gentle mutually enjoyable conversation about massaging each other with scented body oils, and end up feeling all mellow and sultry at the end of the call, then the next caller might want you to lead him round the room on a collar and lead and beg you to shout abuse at him while he licks your stilettoes and pants like a dog!  If you can adapt to your caller you will be very good at this.

You wait for your calls, sometimes they are literally one after the other, and if you are ready and eager and fresh for each one, they will love you and want you.  All they want is your responsiveness – they want you to say yes, they want you to be crying out for more and having the time of your life with them, so you can be that person!  After all, they are not calling up a sex line and expecting to get a knockback!

I had been talking non-stop for ages one night, and I happened to say to my caller that I was really thirsty and he told me to go and make a cup of tea while he was on the line, I know that doesn’t sound very sexy, but I did brew up, and he said he could hear me walking into the kitchen and it really turned him on, as it made me more real to him, not pretending…..

Another caller wanted to tell me how much fruit he could put up his bottom – so yeah, it takes all sorts – and if that’s what he does, well that’s okay, could get rather messy round his house I guess – I suggested he tried tinned peaches cos they are quite slippy……

So I’d say that on the phone line you should be the lively and interesting person that you already are  - be as adventurous and daring as you want, your conversations won’t always be about sex, some guys are lonely and want to enjoy a conversation with a woman – its as simple as that – maybe they have no confidence – or they want to get to know you before they can get intimate, so you can set the pace and be in control….

Connecting with someone appreciative is good, and if a conversation has gone especially well, you can use the same content on the next caller, none of the callers know what you say to other callers so you can repeat little chunks of descriptions which kind of become your ‘go to’ script. You won’t run out of things to get them going, especially if you have a few scenarios in your head, i.e. you are your best friend were putting false tan on each other and next thing …… or you were in the shower and decided to shave your pussy and got excited at your reflection and started to….

So be yourself, and be a bit more than that, you have a free reign to be exciting, daring and outrageous, with no consequences!!  Its not always easy, but lets face it, easy is boring!  See if you can coax your caller into enjoying how you like to be treated and get him eating out of your hand……




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