All of our blog entries are written by women that actually take calls for the service.

What’s it like working on a chat line?

Of course it is a bit scary first couple of calls, as you really don’t know what to expect, but I have to say, it is absolutely brilliant, and apart from the convenience of working from home, it’s a pretty enjoyable way to earn money, totally anonymous, and you will really get a buzz from it!

I’d often start by asking a question, like, Hi, I’m Nadine, are you naked?  It’s jumping straight in, and if you sound keen and lively, they will always respond, and soon your conversation is natural and easy, maybe saucy, maybe not. Your caller is hanging on every word, he’s already very receptive to what you are saying, and it’s not always what you say but the way you say it, so your bubbly laugh, enthusiasm and little sighs will be giving him immense pleasure.

Callers usually want to hear all about you, and will ask you anything and everything from how big your boobs are to what’s the naughtiest sexiest thing you have ever done, and your answers are whatever you want to say.   You can whisper your erotic fantasies, describe yourself as a sunkissed beauty or as a shy girl next door with a longing to be slowly massaged, whatever.  You soon feel drawn into the conversation and your enjoyment is picked up and he feels connected and wants to keep talking to you, often choosing to talk to you regularly because you make him feel relaxed and excited.

Of course it doesn’t always click, if you have a nasty caller who is making you feel uncomfortable you tell him you are ending the call, but these are pretty rare.  Every caller is different, and it’s not always just about sex, many callers are lonely and shy, and don’t really know what to say, so you may have to take the lead.  Very quiet callers are unusual, but they may just want to enjoy hearing you talking.  A good few standby stories about your first time, or getting caught having sex in the cinema are great to fill any quiet gaps!

You can be very innocent in your talk, describing walking through a summer meadow with a filmy cotton dress, it doesn’t always have to be raunchy, it can be a beautiful carefree journey, lying back in the grass, closing your eyes, feeling the sun on your skin, he will enjoy the picture you are painting, he may or may not direct the conversation towards making love, and you may enjoy using innocent language and acting a bit shocked if he says something crude, and that is all part of the turn on too.  You are controlling the way the conversation is going.

You can go into detail about how excited you felt when you saw your first ever cock, and as you start to describe what you did and how it felt or tasted, it will become real in your mind, and in his, as he will picture what you are saying.  That is where you keep him on the cliff edge of pleasure, it’s a great feeling, and the more he likes what you say, the more it spurs you on to keep him going, slowing down, teasing, sounding more excited yourself, matching his pace.  Oh Yes!!

You will get callers who are listening and obviously very turned on by your talking, and you can hear them getting more and more aroused, especially if you are sounding more and more excited too, and when they come, some will be really grateful and thank you profusely, and some will just put the phone down, job done, hey a bit like real life! Ha ha!  Don’t take it personally if they just hang up though – just get ready for your next call!  You know you are doing a brilliant job!

 But seriously, if you set yourself up in a warm, comfortable private space, maybe turn your lights low, put your perfume on and spend a few hours having erotic conversations, being appreciated and adored from a distance by unknown, interesting sounding men, you can really enjoy yourself, get deep into the conversations, and it will make you feel really good!!

Also, they usually tell you exactly what they want, and however inexperienced or naïve you feel you are, it’s okay to give absolutely anything a try, jump in, try it, be a sharp-heeled leather-clad mistress, if they want you to whip them, do it, or if they want to spank you, tell them you deserve it because you are such a bad, bad girl - its only talking after all! 

You are interesting, enticing, mysterious, and he will feel that he is the object of your desire, and will be flattered by your interest, intoxicated by your questions and will believe your words.

So enjoy your conversations, the longest calls are the best, and we all know that a quickie is okay, but the long slow anticipation and build up to a great climax is pretty amazing!  Ha ha!

Enjoy – and they will keep on coming and coming and coming back for more……

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