The Chat Line

Would You Make A Good Phone Operator?

Thinking of joining us but are unsure whether you'd make a good adult chat line operator? If you can answer yes to at least 5 of the following points, then we reckon you could be a fantastic one:

  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You're bubbly, friendly and always welcoming when you meet someone new.
  • You enjoy roleplay or pretence, and can think on your feet when storylines get thrown at you.
  • You're comfortable enough in your sexuality to explore it, and won't be put off by the requests or storylines that our callers may ask you to engage in.
  • You can be trusted, and won't make callers feel embarrassed about their requests or bad about their innermost desires. Everyone has sexual fantasies, and they should be respected.
  • You're good with accents. One minute you're a senorita and the next, a mademoiselle. Vous le vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?
  • You understand that phone sex is not cheating - it's a way for people to express themselves, release desires that they're too afraid to share, or learn more about themselves because they haven't meet their special someone yet.
  • You aren't ashamed to make a living this way, because in all honesty, you shouldn't. You can be as secretive or as open with your family and friends about it as you would like to be. At the end of the day, it's a way to earn some extra money, and who doesn't want that?

How Does Phone Sex Work?

After a caller has found your profile on one of our websites, they'll be able to give you a call on the designated phone number, and then enter your pin. They'll hear your welcome message and then be connected to you.

How might a conversation go? Well, potentially, something like this…

Your caller says a quick hello, but you jump right in. You talk in a soft whisper and sprinkle in some sighs to give him goosebumps and you tell him what you're wearing. You ask him if you'd like him to take anything off, and ask him to remove his clothes too.

Callers usually want to talk about your body, to help them visualise what you look like. This is where you big up the boobs, the tightness of your nether regions and say how the caller can do whatever he wants with them. You can whisper your erotic fantasies, wait for him to tell you yours, or think of ways to combine the two.

Your caller will be getting more aroused, and he'll start telling you the effect you're having on his penis, how you're driving him crazy and that he's nearly there. This is where you heighten the creativity, making the scenario so hot that peppers would melt in the heat. For example, inviting another woman into the scenario so that you're having a verbal threesome, or asking what he'd think if you were wearing a strap on, can open up new avenues and make him want you more.

Always tell the caller how they're making you feel to heighten the experience. He's making you masturbate. He's making you learn more about sex. He's making you enjoy sex again. Leave him in no doubt that he is the only thing on your mind, and that you should be the only thing on his.

If the caller starts to go quiet - you could tell him stories about your first time, getting caught having sex in the local park or what you'd really like someone to do to you, and would he be up for the task? He'll then start seeing this in his mind, and his pleasure hormones will be reignited.

He'll be taken to the edge of pleasure, and then will tell you the result. He may want to pillow talk afterwards. He may thank you for your services. Either way, he'll have gotten off to your sexy voice, and if he was satisfied, will likely come back for more.

How Do I Attract More Clientele?

Want to build up a strong network of regulars who worship the ground you stand on? Want your profile to be so enticing viewers will need to have a shower after one viewing of it? Well then, you better take our advice…

To Build Up Your Network:

  • Be open-minded, bubbly, sensual and supportive, always going with the flow of the conversation, and taking on the character, persona or role that the caller would like you to.
  • Make the caller feel as if they are your only one, and show an interest in their life, especially if they bring it up. Ask them what they do for a living, what they do in their spare time, and what they hope to achieve in the future.
  • Realise that there may be an underlying reason for the call. Perhaps a client is feeling lonely? Maybe they've never had sex before and want to learn more about it? They may even be ashamed of their sexual fantasies and want to share them with someone? Whatever the reason - be kind, be understanding, and don't make them feel bad about it.

To Attract New Clientele:

  • Give us free rein with your profile and persona. With over 30 years' of experience within the industry, we know just what imagery and words to use to get those callers ringing.
  • Record a sensual welcoming message that will get potential clients aroused before they've even rung you.
  • Be available for calls at peak times, providing you with a better chance of being chosen.

We're always happy to offer guidance and advice, so whether you're new to the game, have been working as a sex line operator for years, or would like a refresher course of the dos and don'ts, then get in touch with us today.

What Should I Know About Working Within This Industry?

We know that there are lots of misconceptions, rumours and concerns when it comes to working as a chat line operator, and we therefore want to set those rumour mills straight. Some people claim that it's sordid or scary, and others feel embarrassed about taking up the position because of what others may say. We truly believe that the services that our chat line operators provide, if anything, are beneficial - supporting the needs of our callers by helping them to deal with sexual frustrations, loneliness and those days when they just need someone extra to talk to. Everyone has desires and fantasies. Everyone experiences tough days. Our service caters to these needs, and we think it's wonderful that are able to do so.

Discreet Work From Home

Important Things To Know About Working As A Chat Line Operator:

  • To us, there's nothing more important than operator safety, so your true identity is kept hidden and secure. We don't use real photos or give out your personal details, and we never will.
  • The conversations can vary, and can have you verbalising all kinds of situations. Common scenarios include threesomes, having sex in public places where everyone can see, and making well-known TV shows and films far more dirty than initially intended. You even get a chance to express your sexual fantasies, therefore relieving some of your own pent up tension in the process.
  • There are no forced discussions. You never have to stay in a conversation that is making you feel uncomfortable or giving you the creeps. You have every right to change the subject, or hang up the phone, and there will be no repercussions for this.
  • The most desired agents are those that are friendly, bubbly and take the time to let the conversation play out, so that the caller doesn't feel rushed or as if you aren't enjoying it. Remember, they're calling because they want you to make their fantasies a reality, and you need to make it better than anything they could have possibly imagined.

How Do I Apply?

Read enough and are certain that you want to join Chat From Home? That's wonderful and we can't wait to talk to you, and neither can our callers. Applying, signing up and getting started is all very simple to do, and involves these steps:

  1. Visit our 'Application' page and fill in your personal details such as your name, email address, phone number and date of birth.
  2. One of our lovely team members will call to discuss the ins and outs of being an adult chat line operator and answer any questions that you may have.
  3. You'll be booked in for a training call where you'll be provided with your very own agent number and pin number that will allow you to logon to the system, and callers to find you on our websites.

During this call we'''ll explain to you how you record the message that the guys will hear when choosing a girl.

We'll also show you how to access our online portal where you can easily track all of your calls, their durations and all of your revenue.

Those callers can't wait to hear your lovely voices. Let's get it all trained up and ready to go today.

What If I Decide It's Not For Me?

Signed up but never really stuck with it? Gave it a go but wasn't really feeling it? No worries. Because you're your own boss, you can work as much or as little as you like, and should you feel it's not right for you, it's very easy to leave, with no questions asked.

We'll never disclose any of your personal details to anyone, and because we don't use personal imagery, there is no chance whatsoever that anyone will discover that you were an adult chat line operator - unless you tell them of course!

Should you ever like to come back, you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Case Study

**Anna has been an adult chat line operator for over 6 years, and has certainly heard her fair share of unusual requests. From foursomes on the beach and domination on the street to voyeurism and somewhat unique storylines that involve pretending to be spies in various locations, she certainly has experienced it all. So who better than Anna to talk you through her experience with Chat From Home so far, and why she likes speaking to our callers.

What Was Your Initial Impression Of Chat From Home?

"I was surprised by how friendly and lovely they were. As soon as I signed up, I had a really great training call where I got to learn more about the company, the kinds of customers that they get, and how to perfect my skill set. I didn't feel pressured to join if I didn't want to, but they made it hard not to want to, due to their kindness and patience."

How Smooth Was The Process From Signing Up To Taking Your First Call?

‘'It was so easy, because I had Chat From Home guiding me through it, and if I ran into any minor issues, they were there to help. It was fun creating my introductory message and seeing my online persona, and I was very excited the first time the phone rang. It took some practice, but by my 4th call I felt much more confident in my abilities.''

What's Been Your Most Memorable Phone Call?

‘'That is a good question, and there are certainly quite a few. I once had a caller tell me he was a binman, and he wanted me to pretend I had stripped him naked and was scrubbing him clean. Another once asked me to talk through his daily activities and all of his favourite places, and then imagine having sex with him in those places. I reckon my most memorable call however was with a man who was a massive Spiderman fan - I'm sure you can imagine what he wanted to emit all over me.''

What Advice Would You Give To Those Just Starting Out?

‘'Have fun with it. At the end of the day, it's a great way to earn some extra cash and make callers happy with some harmless roleplay. Go with the flow, see where the conversations take you, and don't be afraid to put your foot down if it gets a bit dicey.''
** name hidden to protect identity


What Is It Like Working On The Chat Line?

Working on our Chat Line is certainly an experience, and one that our phone sex operators tend to enjoy. It can be fun joining in on callers’ sexual escapades, helping them to visualise the situations that get them hot, wet and gagging for more. And who’s to say the pleasure is only theirs? You can get off to the sounds of their voices just as much as they can get off to yours. Regardless of whether a client is looking for a woman with blonde hair, big boobs or someone who knows her way around a wip, you get to bring their fantasies alive with your quick thinking and creativity. And should they find you especially enticing, they’ll always call you back for more.

However, phone sex is not the only reason that our callers ring in. Some are simply looking for someone friendly to talk to, perhaps because they’re lonely or in need of some help. It’s these calls that can be quite rewarding and your support can really go a long way.

Overall, working on our Chat Line can differ with every call, but knowing that you’re making a difference in our clients’ lives is a feeling like no other.

What Should I Do If I Get Stuck?

Don’t panic. Believe us, even the most seasoned of phone sex operators have found themselves in verbal situations they’re not quite sure how to navigate. If a request has you stumped and you’re not sure what to say next, simply steer the conversation toward a topic you know lots about and hype up your sexy side. We’re sure your clients will love the change of pace, and the direction in which you take the conversation.

That being said, one thing we will never tolerate is a bad attitude. We know that some callers will be dull, or want to discuss something you may not be into yourself, but it’s your job to entertain the men who want nothing more than to get into your knickers. The only exceptions are if they want to discuss something illegal, or if they’re making you feel extremely uncomfortable.

What Support Does Chat From Home Offer?

Should you want to get in touch, our friendly customer service team are always happy to help, regardless of the topic of conversation. There is no judgement here, and we want to ensure your happiness through and through. Apply Now

In the rare event that a caller is making threats, we can block his number so that you no longer have to deal with this abuse. Please don’t ever feel like you can’t report this client to us - we don’t want any of our other phone sex operators having to endure this abuse either.

Supporting you, and your safety, means everything to us, and if there’s ever anything that we can do to help in that respect, please let us know.