Work From Home

What sounds better to you? Sitting in traffic, waiting for the rain to subside as you anxiously await to hear what your boss is annoyed about today, or having a lie in, working in your PJ's and working at times that suit you? We think it's a no-brainer, because really, who doesn't want to spend as much time with their friends and family as they can, while still making a good living from the comfort of their own home? If you're looking for a career change, or want to make some extra money in your spare time, then becoming an adult chat line operator could be the perfect role for you. We receive thousands of calls everyday, and our agents have a lot of fun answering them. Providing entertainment at some of the best rates in the industry, at the best pay in the industry, you really can't go wrong. It all starts with a call, so if you'd like to find out more, then give us that all-important ring today.

What You Need To Know About Being A Phone Sex Operator

There are lots of great things to know about being a phone sex operator, such as:

  • Whether you're verbalising a threesome, torturing a thief or just some plain rough sexual act, you're helping callers to reveal their innermost private thoughts and desires. Many people are too afraid to share their wants with their partners for fear of ridicule, or haven't yet experienced everything they'd like to. By calling you, you're allowing clients to truly express themselves, which can be extremely rewarding.
  • Though many conversations start off sexual, many callers also ring to talk through personal matters, to help get them off their chest. Giving comfort and advice to anyone always make our agents feel warm inside, and our callers find this very supportive too.
  • Total anonymity is guaranteed for both operator and caller, because we understand the importance of agent safety, and the need to instill trust in our clients so that they call again.
  • Even if you're not the most creative of individuals, 99% of our callers always have a storyline in mind, so really, you just need to go with the flow of the conversation. Your creative juices will start flowing, and then, so will his.
  • The best operators are those who are open-minded, bubbly and are always up for anything, so you need to let your fun-loving personality shine. The more personable you are, the more likeable you'll be, helping you to build up a wider network of regulars that won't be able to wait to call you back for more.
  • You never have to stay in conversations that are making you feel uncomfortable. We have a strict no-talk rule on topics such as drugs, rape and incest, so if you want to, just end the call. We receive thousands every day, so there's always another caller who would love to speak to you in a much nicer way.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions. Don't worry - we've heard them all!

How Can You Get Involved?

Think that Chat From Home could be the right choice for you but are wondering what to do next? It's easy to sign up and get involved. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Fill in our application form here, which asks for personal details such as your name, phone number and email address.

Step 2: A member of our dedicated team will ring you for a friendly and informative chat about what we do.

Step 3: If it still sounds up your alley, we'll carry out test calls to ensure your suitability. Giving you insight into what it's like working as an adult chat line operator, you'll find this a fascinating experience.

Step 4: Should we feel that you're up to the task, we'll provide you with an agent number and pin number that will allow clients to find you on our websites.

Step 5: We'll then talk you through our strict code of conduct during your training, and give you any guidance you need to get you all set up and ready to take calls.

Step 6: When you first log onto the system, you'll get to record a welcome message that will get those callers all hot and heavy.

Step 7: We'll help you to create a sexy persona and profile that will appear on our websites, infused with sensual imagery and wording.

You'll also be given full access to our online portal where you can track all of your calls, their duration and your earnings.

Pretty simple right? We can't wait to hear from you, and neither can our callers!

What Are The Benefits Of Working From Home?

  • Forget waking up at 6am and working in an office for 8 hours straight. You're in charge of your schedule, fitting it around your family, plans with friends and other important commitments.
  • Your home is your office, so that means: a) working in comfy clothing; b) snacking whenever you like; c) working in bed; d) as many breaks as you'd like.
  • There's no commute. No train delays or cancellations. No slow-moving buses that go all around the houses. No waiting in the rain, wind, hail or scorching heat. No expensive petrol bills. Working at home makes life so much easier, and considerably less stressful.
  • You won't have to deal with irritating co-workers, office gossip, unexpected meetings and deadlines that are just too tight to make. You work when you want and how often you want to.
  • You'll be more productive, because you won't have the distractions that come with working in an office. They'll be fewer interruptions from colleagues and no last-minute work dumped on you. This will make you more relaxed, and therefore better at your role.

‘'It's so much fun working at home. I create a schedule around my other commitments, pick up calls when I can, and still live the life I want. I go to lunch with my girls. I never miss my kid's football game. I spend quality time with my husband. I get to do all this while still making a decent salary. What more could I want?'' Cheryl

What Restrictions Are There To Working With Chat From Home?

To join Chat From Home, please ensure that you meet all of the following before getting in touch:

  • You are at least 18 years' old. We will not allow anyone who is under 18 to sign up.
  • You have a fixed UK landline or UK mobile phone to receive calls from.
  • You must be able to disable or remove any answering machine services on the line that you'll be operating from.
  • You will need to have a UK-based bank account in your name to take payments.
  • You will be responsible for paying your own tax and making your own national insurance contributions. This can be easily organised through your local tax office.
  • You must also be willing to take calls when you are logged onto the service.

Do you meet all of these requirements? Yes? Then let's get you all signed up and ready to take calls as soon as possible.

Work From Home

Get Started!

Firstly, there are some restrictions. Please ensure you qualify for all of the following essentials before getting in touch.

  • You must be 18 or older to take calls
  • You will need a fixed UK landline or mobile phone
  • Disable or remove any answering machine service on the line you wish to take calls from
  • Have a UK based bank account in your name
  • Be responsible for making your own tax and national insurance contributions – for help you can contact your local tax office
  • Be willing to take calls when you're logged onto the service

Once you've been set up onto the system by one of our friendly support team, you can choose to take calls as and when you like! It's 100% flexible and designed to work around you, your current commitments and lifestyle. Some people choose to make this their complete line of work, some people choose to earn extra cash during evenings and/or weekends, some people just logon occasionally just for fun! It's totally up to you as you are totally self employed as a chat line operator.

No experience is necessary – our team of experienced in-house managers will guide you through the entire process and support you all the way, from logging onto the system, tracking your earnings, even dealing with a variety of callers! Why not give us a try?

Our Customer Support

We take great pride in the level of customer support our in-house managers provide, taking the time to get to know our chat line operators, answering their queries or concerns and supporting them throughout the signing up and starting out process.

Should you ever need to speak to our customer support team, they are available Monday - Saturday (7am-6:30pm) and will do their utmost to help. We've heard about all sorts of situations and stories before, so never feel embarrassed or ashamed of anything you want to ask us, or feel you need to tell us.

Case Study

**Georgia has recently joined us as an adult chat line operator, and has taken to it like a duck takes to water. Her lovely and creative personality has given her callers some alluring stories for them to work with, and her quick thinking has certainly kept them (and her) on their toes. Because we know that becoming a sex phone operator can be a decision that you go back and forth on, who better than someone who has recently done just that to tell you of her own reservations, as well as her experiences so far? You may be surprised by what you read, but we're sure your decision will become easier to make.

What Was Your Initial Impression Of Chat From Home?

"When I decided to join Chat From Home, I was looking for another source of income that wouldn't require me to travel, so this seemed like something to at least consider. When I found Chat From Home, the website looked pretty normal and not sleazy or dark like some of their competitors. I'll admit, I was a little nervous before I rang the team, because I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I have to say, they were so helpful and understanding, and didn't make me feel weird for asking my questions and concerns about joining. Because of this, I decided to at least give the whole adult phone thing a go, and to see if I was any good at it."

How Smooth Was The Process From Signing Up To Taking Your First Call?

"Unbelievably smooth. Filling in the application was simple. The training was explained well and made a lot of sense (I'm actually relieved about some of those rules - especially when it comes to what we can and can't talk about). Setting up my account was fine. Recording my message was fine too - giving me a chance to practice my "sexy voice". I can't fault the process, and again, Chat From Home were very supportive, and guided me through it all.

My first call I was probably a little shy, but like with everything, practice makes perfect. Luckily, because the callers want to talk to you, they do a lot of the work and you get better at expressing yourself. It can be funny. It can dirty. It can be exciting. Either way, I'm enjoying it."

What's Been Your Most Memorable Phone Call?

"Most memorable call - haha, well out of the 20 or so that I've had so far, I'd have to say the one I had last Wednesday night. The caller wanted me to pretend that we could change our genders and play role reversal. So one minute I'd be the girl and was telling him all the great things about his member, and the next, I was telling him all the things I was doing to him with mine. At one point, we were both 'males'. I'm not sure if anything will ever top that, but I'm looking forward to finding out."

What Advice Would You Give To Those Just Starting Out?

"For anyone who's a little nervous about signing up, there's honestly nothing to worry about if you don't take it all too seriously. As I've learnt from other phone sex operators, most of your phone calls will be pretty general stuff. You'll get the odd weirdo, but deep down we all have fantasies that we're looking to let out. To those just starting out, I'd definitely say choose a company that will treat you right and not make you work hours that you know that you won't be able to do. Chat From Home are definitely a safe bet, and I'd recommend them to anyone who's thinking of joining."
** name hidden to protect identity


What Does It Take To Be A Good Adult Chat Line Operator?

It takes a little confidence, and a lot of personality. You need to be bubbly, sensual and supportive, and happy to engage in the desires and fantasies that come your way. You have to be open-minded and not afraid to go with the flow of the conversation.

Being on the lines at peak times is always a good idea too.

Why Should I Work From Home?

There are many benefits to working from home, including:

  • You can create a schedule that fits around your family life and personal schedule, and never have to work hours that are unsuitable or difficult.
  • You can wear comfy clothing, snack whenever you want and even work in bed.
  • There's no commute, meaning you'll be less stressed out and feel more ready to take on the day ahead. We all hate traffic, delays and horrible weather, don't we?

Why Should I Choose Chat From Home?

  • Callers can ring 24/7/365, meaning that you can work all hours of the day, and giving you every opportunity to make as much money as possible.
  • We transfer revenue weekly, with our rate of pay increasing after 16 hours of logging onto the service.
  • We protect your identity, and never give out your personal details to any client or third party.
  • Because of our superb reputation that is renowned within the industry, we get thousands of callers every single day. You'll never be waiting around long for a caller.

What’s Involved With Your Training Process? 

During our training process, one of our supportive managers will assign you an agent number, pin number and explain the process of recording an introductory message. This enticing message will be heard by all callers when they first ring in to find out who’s online and available for a call. You’ll then be walked through the do’s and don’ts of the service, and what you can and can’t discuss. Next, we’ll help you to create an online profile, explain how to log onto the system and discuss how to make the most revenue from each and every call.

Then you’re all set up and ready to go. Should you ever need any further assistance or help, we’re only ever a phone call away ourselves.

What Rules Must Phone Sex Operators Follow?

Agents should:

  • Only be logged into the system when they’re available to take calls.
  • When engaged in a call, give their client their full attention.
  • Be kind, considerate and understanding of their callers’ requests.
  • Take all calls in a quiet place, away from distractions such as your television or radio.
  • Never judge a caller, or make them feel inadequate.
  • Never discuss illegal activity, such as rape, incest and beastiality.
  • Ensure that the caller is over 18 years of age. 

If you are disrespectful toward callers, continuously miss calls or discuss illegal activity, you will no longer be permitted to work on our lines.

What Advice Do You Offer Agents Before They Start?

Be friendly, positive and always open-minded, because establishing a network of regulars is the best way to increase your revenue. Even if you’re not too keen on certain callers, it’s always important to remember that seconds make minutes, and minutes make pounds. Don’t throw away a call just because you’re a little out of your comfort zone. If you make each call count, and try to learn a little from each experience, you can find yourself earning hundreds of pounds a week, just by simply chatting on the phone.

If you’re nervous about having to speak about certain topics, or aren’t too knowledgeable on certain genres, then we suggest reading up on them. It’d be pretty embarrassing if a client asked to talk about BDSM, and you thought he meant BDE. We recommend reading up on foot fetishes, domination, watersports, BDSM, and general fantasies that older men tend to have about younger women. Interestingly, lots of men like talking to our older women, with grannies being one of our most popular options. Be prepared to talk real filth if need be.

At the end of the day, the conversations you have on our chat lines stay between you and your callers, so there’s no need to be nervous or shy. Be your dirty sexy self and you’ll have clients addicted to the sound of your voice, and a network of loyal fans, in no time.

What Are The Best Times To Be On The Lines?

We have callers ringing our phone sex lines all hours of the day, and therefore you have every opportunity to make as much money as possible. Popular times include early evening and late at night, so it’s always best to keep one or two free.