Tips Of The Trade: Our Girls Tell All

Whether you’ve been an adult chat line operator for years or are just starting out, you’re never too experienced to learn something new and develop your chat line skills. After all, the more you learn, the more you earn, and the greater the likelihood your network of adoring clients will grow. We therefore asked some of our most successful agents to offer insight into what makes them so loved, and what other operators can do to ensure they can make the most of their time on the lines. 

It May Be Fun, But It Isn’t Always Funny

One of the most important phone sex rules, is that no matter how funny you find the situation that you’re in, or how outrageous you find what your client is saying, you must try your best to never, ever laugh at their requests. Laughing won’t only break the tempestuous persona you’re trying to allude to, but can also make your clients feel self-conscious and insecure about what their saying. If you feel like you’re going to burst, bury your head in a pillow and try not to let your caller hear you.

Look Sexy. Feel Sexy. Sound Sexy

Treat every phone call as if you’re getting ready to have sex with your partner, and think about what makes you feel sexy. Do you feel alluring in some pyjamas, workwear or some sexy lingerie? Do you usually like lighting an incense candle, turning the lights down low or even playing some music? To help create the mood and ensure the call sounds as seductive as possible, create a relaxed and comfortable environment to be in, and let your imagination run wild. If you feel sexy, you’ll sound sexy, and your callers won’t be able to help themselves. 

Don’t Let The Outside World In

Do you remember the time you went on a date and the screaming child who couldn’t be calmed ruined the evening? Or in university when you were trying to have a fun night with your partner, but your roommates wouldn’t stop making noise of their own? Nothing kills the mood quite like unruly children, barking animals and noisy neighbours and it’s just the same when it comes to phone sex. Phone sex is all about bringing a caller’s fantasy to life, so before you hop on the lines, put your kids to bed, try and find a quiet part of your home to call from and ensure the only sound your caller can hear is the sound of your sexy voice. 

Learn The Lingo

Many of us find words, terms and phrases such as ‘nipple’, ‘erection’, ‘oral sex’ and ‘spank me on the ass’ as hilarious as a Friends episode, but like we’ve mentioned earlier, if you start laughing at the conversation, you’ll likely ruin the mood and lose a customer. Not exactly great for an adult chat line operator to admit, and therefore, you need to learn the sexy lingo of the lines, and normalise them in your mind. A good tip - especially with regulars who you know will ask to talk about certain things - is to plan some of your conversations ahead of time, so that any words that make you giggle or feel uncomfortable can be pre-empted. Alternatively, practice saying those words over and over again, so that they no longer sound funny. 

Technically Correct

Don’t let technical difficulties get in the way of a great call. Ensure that your phone is always charged and that you have good signal from wherever you call from, because otherwise, having to drop a call can lead to hurt feelings and all types of misinterpretations. If you regularly experience issues with your phone, it may be time to buy a new one, or plug in a headset and use a bluetooth device. Never be logged on when you’re waiting for a can’t-miss call either. Nothing annoys a client more than being dropped for another caller.

Take Control Of Your Nerves

Some of us, no matter how experienced we are, still get a little nervous when it comes to phone sex. Chances are, many of your clients will be a little nervous calling in too, so they’ll be forgiving of any nervous energy, at least initially. To help master your nerves, try lowering your voice, making it breathy and slowing your speech so that every word becomes as sexy as the last. Remember, this is a phone call, so if it helps, imagine that you’re speaking to someone that you find attractive (and what you’d like to do to them), and then your nerves will melt away.

Pick Your Words Carefully

Unless your caller is into domination and fetishes, they will not want to hear things that will embarrass them, their penis or make them cringe. This means avoiding certain terms such as ‘schlong’, ‘weiner’, ‘winkie’ or ‘the little guy’ - in other words, terms that adults wouldn’t use. When talking to a woman, avoid commenting on the areas that could make her feel self-conscious about herself, and big up the aspects of herself that she’s proud of, whether that’s her breasts, face or beauty. Remember, it’s all about fantasy and feeling desirable, and not reminding the caller about the things they may want to change about themselves. 

Questions Keep Things Moving

If the conversation ever goes stale, then questions can move it along and keep things interesting. Simple questions such as ``Do you like that?’’, ‘’Is that turning you on?’’ and ‘’What are your hands doing right now?’’ can help stimulate the caller, as can ones that relate to the story you both have conjured up. Let your imagination run wild, go down new avenues that adds dimensions to these situations and see where the verbal adventure takes you both. After all, the better the story, the better the call.

Do you have any of your own tips to share with our chat line operators? Feel free to share them with us, as they may just help another agent out, and help them become as wonderful an agent as you are.

How To Feel Confident As A Phone Sex Operator

Even with our 30 years’ of experience within the industry, we understand how awkward phone sex can sometimes be, and how the intracicies of it can leave some of our agents a little lost for words at times. For some phone sex operators, talking dirty is just a normal part of their daily lives, but for others - it can be, at least initially, a challenging experience. You might feel nervous, daft or so enthusiastic that you jump head in without a storyline to discuss. That’s why we asked some of our most popular phone sex operators what they do to feel confident at all times, and what other agents can do to feel the same way while on the chat line.

  • If you imagine yourself in the story you’re discussing, then you can pretend that it’s not you who is talking and any reservations you have will simply fade away. For example, if your caller wants you to dominate him, then build up a character in your head and take on her personality. A dominatrix would be sexy, quick-witted and cruel - so you can pretty much say whatever you like. Don’t hold back- be full on. 
  • If you look sexy, you’ll feel sexy. Your caller won’t be able to see what you’re wearing, but if you get in the mood, then you’ll feel in the mood, and that will certainly get your caller in the mood. Pick out something that makes you feel like a sexual goddess so that you ooze sensuality and spirit. It doesn’t harm to tell the caller what you’re wearing either.
  • It also helps to close the door on reality, as nothing makes you feel less sexy than the TV blaring in the background, or a screaming child. Phone sex is all about creating a fantasy, so if you take your calls at home - put the children to bed first, record the shows you want to watch later and take your calls in a quiet space where you can just focus on the calls. Atmosphere is important, but audible distractions can really break the facade. 
  • If it helps, give yourself a pep talk before each call. Look in the mirror and tell yourself all the things that you love about your looks and personality. Just think about all the callers that have rung especially to speak to you - because they know you can give them what they desire the most. You’re sexy. You’re sophisticated. You can do this.
  • If you still find yourself getting nervous, don’t worry, as many of our callers are as well. If you’re both not too sure on what to say, start by reading from a steamy magazine or romance novel. Lower your voice and try to make it breathy, and it’s always good to slow your speech a little, making each word count. You’ll both get into the flow of things, and then the words will just come naturally. Practice makes perfect, and we know it’s just a matter of time before you’re a perfect phone sex operator anyway.

Responses That Always Do The Trick

Here are a list of sexy responses that we believe every phone sex operator should have in their back pocket at all times:

  • ‘’It’s so big and I’m so lucky.’’
  • ‘’I love the way it feels when you touch me down there. No other man has ever touched me like you before.’’
  • ‘’What’s your favourite position by the way? I wonder if we should incorporate this in somehow?’’
  • ‘’I wonder how we could make this situation more daring? I know one of my friends would love to join in the fun - shall we make this more interesting?’’

Do you have any other go-to sayings that make your clients hot as hell? Let us know and we’ll add them to our list. 

How To Make The Most Money From Your Calls

With Chat From Home, you can make hundreds of pounds a week by simply talking on our chat line and following these simple guidelines:

  • Firstly, know that our rate of pay is among the highest within the industry, and that this increases after only 16 hours of service. Therefore, clocking in the hours will make a huge difference to your revenue.
  • Peak times for callers are early evening and late at night, so being on the lines then will ensure a constant stream of clients and money.
  • Always show interest in the caller. Ask them about their days and what they want to get out of this call. Keep the conversation going with your quick-thinking and sexual prowess, and introduce new characters should the story start to go stale. What may have been a quickie in the past may turn into a whole movie script with your natural gift of the gab.
  • Be bubbly, friendly and enthusiastic, and make the client feel as if they are the most important thing in your life right now. Pay attention to their needs, and don’t let distractions such as background noise spoil the mood. It’s not fair to our paying customers, and it could really turn a caller off calling you again.

Just have fun, go with the flow and see where the conversations take you.

Why You Should Choose Chat From Home

  • Our customer support team are the best in the business, and are always happy to help should you need extra guidance and support. They’re available 7am - 6pm (Monday - Friday), and will always do their best to help you out. 
  • Our lines are open 24/7/365, meaning that callers can, and do, ring at all hours of the day. This means you can work whenever you like, and make as much money as possible.
  • Total anonymity is guaranteed for both agent and client, protecting you in the unlikely event that the call turns awkward, and saving the client from ridicule or embarrassment. We will never disclose your personal details to any third party either.
  • All of our agents work for themselves. You are self-employed, and therefore, we would never enforce shifts or make you work hours that you wouldn't want to. You create your own work schedule that fits around your personal schedule.
  • As soon as you sign up, you will be assigned an account manager who is there to guide you through the entire process. They help you to set up your account, create an online profile and track your earnings through the easy to use online portal.

To find out more about Chat From Home and why you should join us, please fill in our handy application form here.

Case Study

**Jessica may have only joined Chat From Home last year, but as a phone sex operator, has 7 years of experience under her belt, and just can’t get enough of it. Her ability to switch between an older gal and someone who’s up for a gang bang is certainly impressive, as is her way with words. Clients regularly tell us how much they enjoy the pleasure of her verbal company, and how much support she gives them when they’re just looking for someone to talk to. That’s what we love to hear, as does Jessica herself. We recently caught up with Jessica to learn about her experiences so far, what she loves most about being a phone sex operator for Chat From Home, and the advice she has for those unsure about joining us. 

What Was Your Initial Impression Of Chat From Home?

‘’I have to say - it was a lot more positive than other phone sex companies that I’ve joined. The team were so friendly and helpful - and there were no feelings of judgement or as if they were doing me a favour by taking me on. Right from the start, I felt welcomed and included, and they answered all of my questions without hesitation. It made a nice change I can tell you, and I’m certainly glad I found them too. There are a lot of dodgy websites out there, and people who are more than happy to direct calls away from you in favour of other phone sex operators, but I know they don’t do that here, and I’m glad.’’

How Smooth Was The Process From Signing Up To Taking Your First Call?

‘’There wasn’t much to it to be honest - it was simple. I first had to fill in an application form which asked for details such as my name, email address and phone number, and then I spoke to one of the team members who went through their websites with me, as well as their services. We also discussed what phone sex operators can and can’t talk about - which is just as well - because there are some websites where anything goes. I’m proud to say I’ve never had to speak about beastiality, rape or incest - and here I don’t ever have to. It’s a relief I can tell you - it’s all disgusting in my opinion.

I then recorded my seductive introductory message and got my account all set up and then I was pretty much ready to go. My first call was fairly standard for me - the caller wanted to pretend he was James Bond and I was a Bond girl turned bad, and he had to have sex with me to save my soul - or something like that. It was alright - the call lasted about 15 minutes, and I got paid more than I was expecting as well. All in all, the process was very smooth and quite easy.’’

What's Been Your Most Memorable Phone Call?

‘’Well, my most memorable call with Chat From Home has got to be the one with my regular **Johnnie. He likes to pretend he’s his boss you see - as he has a massive crush on his wife - and wants a way to imagine being her. I think he also likes that feeling of power - of being able to order people about who will do anything to please them. Anyway, in one of our calls, he had me pretend to be the wife, and that he was doing all of the sexual things he’d always wanted to do with her. This included tying me up with rope, spanking me into submission and then making me watch Star Wars with him. He literally read the script to one of the films out to me, and I had to pretend to be interested. Whenever Princess Leia made an appearance, he’d ravish me - in all areas of my body. And it only got weirder. Let’s just say lightsabers were involved and they went up unspeakable places haha.’’

What Do You Most Like About Working As A Phone Sex Operator At Chat From Home?

‘’What I like most is how easy it is to fit around my life, and how I don’t feel any pressure to always be online. Because I have regulars, who like to tell me when they’ll next be online - I’m only online when I know I need to be. More than this, it’s a good way to earn some extra money, and have some harmless fun while doing it.’’

What Advice Would You Give To Those Just Starting Out?

‘’First and foremost - choose a phone sex company that will look out for you and have your back. One of the great things about Chat From Home is that they will block callers if they start getting nasty, because they want us to all feel comfortable with our role. I’ve not always had that where I’ve worked previously, and is one of the key reasons I’m happy I found Chat From Home. Next - just go all in, and let your sexual drive take over. The more you get into your calls, the more enjoyable they’ll be, and the less awkward you’ll feel about them. Lastly, read up on the different types of phone sex so that you’re always ready for whatever a caller throws at you - water sports is not exactly windsailing after all.’’

** name hidden to protect identity


What Are Your Top Tips For Being A Phone Sex Operator?

Our top tips for being a successful phone sex operator include:

  • Don’t ever laugh at clients, but laugh with them. We don’t want clients to ever feel embarrassed or as if they are being judged.
  • To get in the mood, create the mood.
  • Take calls away from noise and distractions, in a place where you can completely focus on the call.
  • Read up on the different types of phone sex - including BDSM.
  • Always ask follow up questions to keep the conversation going.

How Can I Boost My Confidence As A Phone Sex Operator?

  • Imagine yourself in the story you’re inventing with the caller, so that you can take on the persona of that person. If it’s not you, you have no reason to feel awkward.
  • Wear clothes that bring out your sexual prowess - such as lingerie.
  • It can be quite nerve-racking if you think you may be interrupted at any moment, so close the door on reality, and find somewhere quiet to take your calls.
  • Remind yourself that these callers want to speak to you, and that you are worth speaking to.

How Can I Make The Most Money From Each Call?

  • Be on the lines at peak times, including early evening and late at night.
  • Show a keen interest in every single one of your callers so that they want to continue the conversation.
  • Be friendly, welcoming and open-minded, and ultimately show them that you care.