At Chat From Home, we believe that training is fundamental to not only the success of our business, but the success of our chat line operators too. Enlightening them on best practice, as well as efficient ways of working, our agents have seen real improvement with their conversational skills, confidence and belief in their own abilities after going through our beneficial training process, and regularly comment on how it has positively affected their call lengths and client satisfaction. Therefore, we believe that training is important for all potential phone sex operators, to help unleash their inner sex goddess, and ensure that they are ready for the task at hand.

Our training is simple yet effective, and fully supported by our customer support team. We’ll ensure that you are equipped to answer all manner of calls, and provide guidance and advice on how to improve. We see a 99% pass rate, and it’s only if you’re struggling or find the conversations unsavoury that we discuss whether this path is right for you. We need creative, down-to-earth and bubbly personalities who know their way around a dirty word or two. 

If you’re thinking about joining but want to learn more about the training process and why you should choose Chat From Home, then please read on, and apply now.

About Us

Our unrivalled expertise within the industry, coupled with our dedication to operator and client care, has meant that we have become the most established live entertainment business service in the UK, and we don’t intend to ever lose that title. Providing sex line operators roles in which they can thrive, we provide the basis for their success, with in depth training and continued support throughout their time with us. We truly believe that everyone has the ability to show off their fun and flirty side, and it just takes that initial push to find that inner sex goddess, and to show our callers that side of you too. From the comfort of your own home, you can bring the dreams, desires and fantasies of your callers to life, and give them a phone call that they’ll never forget. Because we value the time and effort that our agents put into their role, we not only pay them some of the best rates in the industry, but also raise their rates after only 16 hours of service. None of our competitors can make that claim, and not one can provide the constant stream of callers that we do, or the care that our customer support team provides. Our business works because we have all of the right ingredients for success: talented phone sex operators, loyal clients, and a team who are there whenever our agents, or clients need them. You won’t find a better chat line business out there, or a better one to work with. 

What’s It Like Working As An Adult Chat Line Operator?

Working as an adult chat line operator certainly has its perks, especially if you work for Chat From Home. Our superb reputation, which spans our full range of websites, and the fact that we charge very competitive rates, means that we receive thousands of calls every single day, and that you have every opportunity to earn a good living working on our lines. That’s not to mention the fact that we pay you weekly, and that our rate of pay is among the highest within the industry. We may be biased, but we think it’s pretty great working on our sex lines, and that if you join us, you’ll think so too.

Key Things To Know About Working As An Adult Chat Line Operator From Sexy To Supportive

Our callers certainly have a range. One minute they can be telling you all about their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, and the next, they can be discussing their daily life, what they miss most about their last love and all their hopes and dreams for the future. It may just be phone sex to you, but to them, it can be, and mean, so much more. Therefore, it’s important that you can flip the switch from seductive and sensual to supportive and caring, ensuring the caller knows how invested you are in the conversation. 

You Can Say No

We know that there are phone sex businesses out there that insist that their operators stay on the lines as long as possible, no matter how uncomfortable their callers are making them feel or how agressive they’re becoming. To them, it’s all about the money, and not the safety of the people who keep the business, in business. At Chat From Home, we put our agent’s safety first, and are more than happy for you to not only hang up a call, but also block anyone who you feel is unsuitable for our lines. We want you to find this role fun and lucrative, and not have you reaching for the tissues.

You Need To Be Able To Think On Your Feet

The conversations can cover all manner of situations, topics and scenarios, so you need to be adaptable, going with its flow. Sometimes you may just have to simulate having sex, but other times, tools may come into the equation, as might characters, accents and surprising locations. To keep the fantasy alive, you need to imagine yourself there as well, and then ideas of what to say and do next with come easily. A lot of the time, the caller will have specific ideas of what he or she would like you to do next, so you don’t need to overthink every conversation. It’s very likely they’ll have specific fetishes and turn ons, so just keep them interested, and they’ll always call back for more.

Personality Is Key

What makes you engage with someone new? A friendly, chatty and bubbly individual, or someone who seems disinterested and elsewhere. The former right? Well it’s the same on our chat lines. The operators who give their callers a fun time are the ones that not only make the most money, but also build up a great network of dedicated callers who just can’t wait to hear their enthusiastic voice again. It’s pretty simple when you think about it, but treating our callers with compassion and respect goes a long way. After all, phone sex is more fun when there’s personality injected into it.

You Determine How Successful You Are

We can’t always promise that your callers will be respectful, and that you’ll always get a thank you, but the more you practice and the longer that you are available for, the greater your chances are of making a pretty penny. Especially during peak times, when callers are ringing in left, right and centre, you can get in on the action, and give your callers some action all of your own.

Does this sound like a role you could get on board with? Do you feel you could add something to Chat From Home, and to the lives of our callers? Let’s get the ball rolling and keep your phone ringing by getting you signed up and trained up today!

Training: The Full Process 

From start to end, our training process is succinct and supportive, ensuring that our agents have the right tools and knowledge to perform their role to the best of their ability. During the training process, one of our friendly managers will contact a prospective agent, assign them an agent number, pin number and go into detail about the process of recording a sexy message that will get callers all hot and heavy. When a caller rings in, they get to hear an array of messages from phone sex operators who are online, so it’s important that yours stands out. Next, they’ll talk you through the do’s and don’ts of the service, and what you can and can’t discuss, and the rules you must follow. We want everyone involved to have a good time, but not with dark undertones and topics that can get you, them, and us, in trouble. 

Then comes the fun part. Together, you get to create your online profile, which includes imagery and a sexy bio that gets those guys grabbing for their phone as quickly as they grab for their cock. You’ll be given a walk through of how to log onto the service, how to use it and how to find information such as payment. They’ll also discuss revenue share payments and rates, and this is a great time to ask any questions you have about this, and get to know more about your manager too. 

To us, a successful chat line operator will be bubbly, confident and very open-minded. A good attitude goes a long way, even if you’re not personally into what your caller wants to discuss. You’ll find some guys dull, some guys a little creepy and some downright dirty, but it’s your job to entertain them and show them a good time. Lots of guys are even nervous when they call, so just assuage their concerns, and make them feel comfortable. Don’t make anyone feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed of themselves, unless of course that that’s their thing. 

If you’re on the fence or unsure about whether to join us, we recommend you give it a go - you may just uncover a hidden talent that’s very lucrative. So long as you’re over 18 years old and agree to be responsible for your own tax and NI contributions, then you’re good to go, and we’d love to sign you up!

Rules & Regulations

We have stringent rules and regulations in place to ensure the safety of both our phone operators and clients. Should you ever need any extra support, our customer support team will do their utmost to help, no matter the query, question or concern. There’s no judgement here, and we truly want you to feel like part of our team here, even if you’re located 500 miles away. 

First and foremost, there is to be NO discussion of anything involving drugs, incest, beastiality or rape, along with situations that involve people who are underage. We understand that verbalising situations is not the same as enacting them, but we do not want to be putting illegal and questionable ideas into peoples’ heads, regardless of their capacity. We do monitor our lines, and should we discover you engaging in such conversation, we will remove you from our service. Should a caller bring one of these topics up, feel free to change the subject, and should they persist, tell them that you’ll need to go. 

Our callers should leave their call feeling happy and satisfied, and that is down to how you treat them during your conversation. No matter how embarrassing their desires are, or how funny you find them, you should always treat the caller with the utmost respect and make them feel like they can truly express themselves with you. To be real, open and honest with anyone, especially a stranger, takes guts and you should realise how important this call is to the client, even if it doesn’t always feel like it is. 

That being said, you should never stay in a call which is making you feel bad, or that you know could be harmful to your well-being. We want you to be happy as well, and therefore, you should never feel guilty about hanging up the phone or reporting an issue to us. You may feel that it’s your duty to support every caller that rings you, but we feel it’s our duty to support you. You won’t be penalised for your honesty either.

A very important rule is to never give out any of your personal details to any of our callers, no matter how nice, or lonely, they seem. We create personas with your safety in mind, using imagery of other women to protect your identity. Sometimes, callers can get too attached, and you’d find it very difficult dealing with them if they could get in touch with via other forms of communication. We set boundaries for a reason, and we recommend that you do too. After all, you wouldn’t want a caller continuously texting you, or turning up at your house uninvited.

All in all, just be your friendly, welcoming and fun-loving self. Show your callers a good time with your sensual words, and let them experience what it’s like to be with the woman of their dreams. Don’t laugh at them, but laugh with them if the opportunity arises, and lift their spirits if they’re feeling a little down. You’ve got this, and we’ve got your back if ever you need us.

What If I Need Help?

Even the most experienced phone sex operators need a little help every now and then, and we are only ever too happy to help. Regardless of whether you’re having trouble with a caller, have lost your mojo or are having difficulties with the online portal, we’ll guide and support you through it all, putting your needs above everything else. We’ll never judge you for not wanting to speak to an especially creepy caller. We’ll always provide tips on how to bring your sexy back. We’re never too busy to take you through the online portal. Whatever you need, we’ll provide the solution and ensure it’s the one that is right for you.

If you currently need some advice or assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0161 507 2611

Why You Should Choose Chat From Home

  • As soon as you sign up, we’ll assign you an account manager who is there to support you throughout your time with us. They will help you to set up an account, create an online profile and show you how to track your earnings through the online portal.
  • All of our operators benefit from training that ensures that you work within our guidelines and know the topics that you can and can’t discuss while on our lines.
  • We have a great customer support service available from 7am-6pm, there to help with any questions you have, offer guidance and advice, and help you to deal with any unexpected issues that occur. You're there for your clients, so we want to be there for you.
  • Our lines are open 24/7/365, meaning that callers can, and do, ring at all hours of the day. This means you can work all hours of the day, too, should you wish - maximising your output, and revenue.
  • All of our agents work for themselves. You are self-employed, and therefore, we would never enforce shifts or make you work hours that you wouldn't want to. You create your own work schedule that fits around your personal schedule.
  • Total anonymity is guaranteed for both agent and client, protecting you in the unlikely event that the call turns nasty, and saving the client from ridicule or embarrassment. We will never disclose your personal details to any third party either.
  • Unlike most other UK providers, we pay you weekly, meaning there's no waiting around to receive earnings. Our rate of pay is among the highest within the industry, with pay increases after only 16 hours of logon time.
  • Because of our superb reputation across our full range of websites - and the fact that we charge some of the best rates out there - we receive thousands of calls every day, so there's really no limit to what an agent can earn for themselves. 

There’s really no reason not to give Chat From Home a go. To get on our lines as soon as possible, apply now and let’s get the ball rolling.

Case Study

**Rachel may be one of our newest recruits, but that’s not stopped her getting stuck in with our clients. Igniting their desires with her sexual prowess, she’s already building up quite the rapport, and is gaining regulars left, right and centre. Having talked about everything from domination, anal and watersports to feishtes including feet, computers and caravans, she never knows what her next caller may have in store for her, but she’s always eager to find out. Because we know that choosing to become an adult chat line operator is not always an easy decision to make, we thought who better than Rachel to discuss her experiences so far, and what she especially loves about signing into the system. 

What Was Your Initial Impression Of Chat From Home?

‘’It’s odd now thinking about how hesitant I was before joining Chat From Home, even though the website looks perfectly normal, and I’d heard good things from friends who are also phone sex operators for Chat From Home. They’d always tell me funny stories about what they’d been asked to discuss on the phone, and the responses that made the guys go wild. It sounded like a lot of fun to me, so I thought, why not give it a go? I did have a look around before I choose Chat From Home, but some of the other chat line websites seemed a bit dodgy, or lacking a support team, meaning that anything could happen, and I didn’t like those odds. Because my friends had spoken so highly of them, and the customer service team seemed so friendly and eager to help, there wasn’t really any other choice for me.’’

How Did You Find The Process From Signing Up To Taking Your First Call?

‘’Honestly - super easy. All the application form required was my personal details such as my name, email address and telephone number, as well as my date of birth. Then a member of their team got in contact, and explained the training process, and the rules of working as a phone sex operator. I’m sure glad we don’t have to talk about rape and incest, or anything to do with animals. Next I got to set up my account, which included recording an introductory message, and talking through some popular terms and phrases to bring into conversation. It was a big help, and I also made sure I did some extra research into the different types of phone sex, to ensure I was really up to scratch.

My first call went surprisingly alright. I thought I’d be very nervous and lost for words, but the caller was very friendly and eager, so it made things a lot easier. He wanted to simulate having sex with his old girlfriend, and all the kinky things they used to do together. It wasn’t too hard, but he told me his penis was by the end of it.’’

Are You Glad You Joined Chat From Home, And What Benefits Has It Given You?

‘’I’m definitely glad I joined Chat From Home. I get to work on the lines when I want, where I want and talk for as long as possible. There’s always someone waiting to talk to me, so I always have a good stream of income coming my way. I love getting to work in my PJs, when I have a free evening or if I fancy a new pair of shoes, so Chat From Home has provided me a way to do that without even having to leave my home if I don’t want to. I love the flexibility the role gives me, and how decent the pay is too. I’d certainly recommend joining to anyone who was interested.’’

What Advice Would You Give To Those Just Starting Out?

‘’Be bold, brave and brazen. You may find some conversations strange or even a little unsettling, but if you let go of your insecurities and take on the persona within the conversation, you’ll find yourself having a lot more fun. You always have the option to leave the call, so you don’t have to feel any judgement or pressure. Sign up, see what you think and ultimately, just give it a go.’’

** name hidden to protect identity


What Does The Training Process Involve?

During the training process one of our managers will contact you, assign you an agent number, pin number and explain the process of recording your introductory message. This will be heard by callers when listening to who’s online and available for a call. You’ll be walked through the do’s and don’ts of the service and what agents can and cannot discuss. Together, we will help to create your online profile, explain how to log on to the service and discuss the revenue share payments and rates. We’ll also answer any questions that you have regarding our service, and discuss best practice for making our clients feel happy and making the most of each call.

What Makes A Great Chat Line Operator?

A great chat line operator is an agent who is bubbly, confident and very open-minded. Their communication skills are fantastic, and they love using their skills for a range of roleplay activities. They can think on their feet, and know how to move a story, situation or scenario forward so that the caller can’t help but ask for more. They’re kind-hearted and understanding, and would never make callers feel ashamed or embarrassed about their requests. They understand that everyone has sexual fantasies, and that there’s nothing wrong with them.

What Would Make You Not Take Someone On?

We like to see the best in everyone, but if you have a bad attitude or can’t get past your own insecurities, then we’d have to reconsider. Being rude to callers is never ok, so should you ever feel the call is taking a turn for the worse, redirect them towards a more savoury topic. You’ll have calls that you find boring and some that involve sexual fantasies that you aren’t personally into, but it’s your job to keep them engaged, involved and entertained. It’s important to remember that these calls earn you money, so the nicer (or nastier, dependent on the client’s preferences) you are, the more money you’ll make.

What Rules Must All Phone Sex Operators Follow?

Agents should make themselves available to take calls that come through to them when they’re logged onto the system, and only take calls from clients they are certain are over 18 years of age. There must be no discussion of any illegal activity, including, but not limited to: rape, drugs, incest, beastiality or any situation that involves individuals who are underage. Should a caller bring up one of these topics, please direct the conversation elsewhere. If they persist, then feel free to hang up the call and report their number to us. 

What Advice Do You Offer Agents Before They Start?

Always be positive, friendly and keep an open mind, so that you build rapport with your clientele, and that they feel respected. Building regulars is always the best way to make revenue, so even if you don’t like the caller, or find what they’re into a little strange, it’s always important to remember that engaging in their fantasies not only helps them, but helps you to. Seconds make minutes, and minutes make pounds, and we can’t afford to throw away a single call. Make every single one of them count, and you could be earning hundreds of pounds a week for simply chatting on the phone.

It’s always a really good idea to read up on any topics that you may not know too much about, such as BDSM, watersports and domination. With grannies being one of our biggest sellers, we certainly recommend reading into related sexual fantasies. Brushing up on your bedroom talk is also a good shout, as is remembering that this is all just talk, and nothing that you need to take too seriously.

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