Our Favourite Stories From The Lines

Whether our callers are looking for some flirty fun, erotic sex chat or just a supportive person to talk to, our adult chat line operators know how to give our clients just what they need in the most pleasurable way possible. Their charming, sensual and downright dirty personalities ensure that their clients always come back for more, giving them a network of loyal customers who just can’t get enough. Whether verbalising a client’s darkest fantasy and adding a sexy twist, or allowing them to jump on board of the operator’s, our sex chat line operators have heard it all, and aren’t afraid to indulge in any fantasy that comes their way. To learn about some of their stories*, then please read on…

*names changed to protect identities.

"I’ve been working on the lines for over 10 years now, so as you can imagine, I’ve been asked to enact lots of different scenarios and situations, so I definitely have a few stories to share. I remember one time being asked to pretend to be a farmer’s wife, and the caller wanted to pretend to be a chicken. He asked me to pretend to chase him around a ‘farm’, and make all of the chicken noises, which he did too. When I ‘caught’ him, he then wanted me to pretend to cook him in a pie and eat him. I found this extremely funny, because usually I’m asked to put on foreign accents, so being part-farmer’s wife, part-chicken during a call was certainly a new experience.

Another call I’ll never forget is when I was speaking to two friends who had rang in together. They wanted to pretend to have a threesome, and the weirdest part was the noises they were making when it was their turn. They got turned on when I was telling them what I was doing to them, but it sounded like an explosion was going off when they were telling me what they were doing to themselves. I’m happy to have helped I guess haha.’’ - Carly L.

"When I first joined Chat From Home, I was quite a shy individual who lacked confidence, especially when it came to talking to guys. It’s actually due to being a phone sex operator that I’ve grown in self-confidence, and I think that’s down to talking to men without having to make eye contact through the phone. That’s not to say that when I started I wasn’t a little nervous, and some of those initial calls will certainly stay with me forever. I think it was my fifth call where I was talking to a man who had a very particular fetish: fluffy pens. He wanted me to pretend I was tickling him with a pink fluffy pen all over his body, and then state where I was sticking it. Then when he came, he told me that there was fluff everywhere, and told me I’d need to clean up the mess or his brother would be annoyed. I’m glad to say I held my own, but it certainly wasn’t something I was expecting.

My most recent call was also - let’s say - interesting. One of my regulars is a big cricket fan, and usually, when we get down to it, he likes me to verbalise spanking him with his favourite team’s official cricket bat. Last time however, he was watching his team play while on the phone to me, and every single time the other team got a ‘4’ or did well, he wanted me to hurt him as punishment. Let’s just say his team did not do well, and the things he asked me to do to him were certainly punishing.’’ - Patty D

"I actually think that one of the best things about this job is the variety of callers that I get, as honestly, they’re not always sexual. One of my favourite regulars, let’s call him Tim, calls me up once a week because he’s a little lonely ever since his wife died, and just fancies a chat about various things, such as how he’s finding things, his favourite memories of his wife and what he hopes will happen in the future. We once chatted about the time his family went on holiday to Spain, and how he spent the whole trip trying to convince his wife to jump off the beach’s cliff with him. He finally convinced her on the last day of their holiday, and he recalls how scared she looked before they did it, and how she couldn’t stop laughing after they resurfaced from the water and swam around to land. He told me how she never seemed more brave or beautiful that day, and he knew that his kids thought so too. Though they had visited Barcelona and Madrid during the trip, that was by far his favourite memory of the whole thing, because he loved to see his wife happy. We sometimes discuss things in his life that he’s always wanted to do, and I try my best to encourage him to go for the things that realistically he’d be able to manage. I think he’s been horse riding, scuba diving and even on a trip to visit the birthplace of Elvis because he was always one of his childhood favourites. These conversations may be more sombre than some of my lively discussions about whipping and spanking, but they’re certainly more meaningful.’’- Judy P.

"Chat From Home has certainly made my life interesting, and I quite like that there’s a secret side to my life that no-one really knows about. I’m not so sure my friends would ever look at me in the same way again if they knew all of the sexual scenarios I’ve talked about on the chat line, and my boyfriend may even be a little jealous. Still, I enjoy it, so really, what’s the harm? I have had some strange calls though, haha. Recently, I was speaking to a guy who wanted to pretend he was an evil genius, having created a substance called, "expandium’’. If you hadn’t already guessed, when drunk, this caused women’s breasts to grow, and makes them touch themselves in all manner of places. After I’d ‘drunk’ this concoction, he’d ask questions like ‘’How big are they now?’’ and ‘’What are you doing with them?’’. If the size wasn’t to his liking, he’d get me to drink more of this substance until they were as big as planets. He liked when I was shoving my chest into his face or balancing on my humongous breasts while letting him take me from behind. These were certainly graphic conversations that got this caller going. 

A caller I actually felt a bit sorry for was a guy who would always ring up when his friends were visiting him, and had me pretend to be his girlfriend. Sometimes he’d prep me before his friends turned up so that I was aware of all of the things we’d supposedly been up to, and he’d always want me to big up how great of a guy he was, and how good he was at sex. I’m not sure if his friends knew if I was real or not, but I hope I helped that guy feel a little better about himself at least.’’ - Tanya T.

Those were quite different stories weren’t they? You never know what a caller may ask you to talk about, but what you do know is that if you join our phone sex lines as an operator, you’ll be paid some of the best rates in the industry, and have the full support of a dedicated customer support team. So really, what have you got to lose?

Still unsure whether Chat From Home is right for you? We reckon this next story from Petra C may assuage any concerns you may have, and make you realise that not all calls are sexual all of the time…

"Sometimes I consider myself a sexual goddess who knows just how to make a man explode with pleasure with just the sound of my voice. At other times I feel like I’m more of a friendly ear for callers to unload their life’s worries onto and I provide comfort as and when I can. I’ve actually had a couple of callers who felt really stuck in their life - they were in a deadend job; they didn’t feel that they were in the right relationship but didn’t want to hurt their partners; they were just genuinely unhappy. Whatever the situation was, they’d go into great detail about how they were feeling and what they wished were different.

A particularly memorable call was with a guy who felt his girlfriend just didn’t understand him, because she wouldn’t perform all of the sexual acts he wanted to. He loved her, and felt they had a lot in common, but he didn’t feel as if all of his needs were being taken care of. I asked him to imagine that I was his girlfriend and to get me to perform all of these sexual acts with him, which included fantasy and a bit of domination, which in my personal opinion wasn’t too much to be asking for, but each to their own. The more phone sex calls we had, the better he seemed to feel about his relationship, because I think he just needed an outlet for all of this built up sexual energy. I think the calls really helped him to see the bigger picture, and how that relationship, though not perfect in his eyes, was perfect for him.’’ - Petra C.

Sometimes these calls can literally save relationships, and make people feel much better about their lives. We’re not going to lie, a lot of these calls are sexual, but there’s a lot of variety to the calls that our operators receive. Some focus on ladies with large breasts. Some on redheads, blondes and brunettes. And others on more acquired tastes, such as watersports and grannies. We don’t judge here at Chat From Home, instead providing our clients with calls that will literally get them hard fast. Being a phone sex operator isn’t a role for the faint-hearted, but we can always provide you with some initial training to help get your sensual vocabularly up to scratch should you need our assistance. We always love to hear about your favourite calls on our lines too, so never feel strange ringing us up and telling us all about it - believe us, we’ve heard it all before!

Don’t believe us? Well then this next story is sure to leave you scratching your head, and possibly laughing at its absurdity!

"One of my regulars is a caller who, let’s say, has a big American personality, and doesn’t care who knows about it. He once wanted to pretend that we were having sex back in his old apartment in Brooklyn, and that I was his old girlfriend. While having sex, he wanted to pretend we could hear people outside bad-mouthing his hometown, to the point where we stop having sex, he goes outside and sorts them out, and then invites them to have a gang bang with us. Sometimes he just wants us to stop having sex so he can flip them off, but either way, his feelings towards those who want to offend him are certainly confusing!’’ - Tessa M.

"I guess you could say I’m a more seasoned phone sex operator - having worked on one line or another for over 15 years. I certainly have a lot of stories to share, and a lot of experience that others could learn more. There are a lot of memorable stories. Some that make me laugh. Some that make me cringe. Some that, at the time, I felt like I was being used as a cheaper therapist because I was just a listening ear to all of their woes. If it’s alright with you, I’d like to share a few stories to give any budding phone sex operators a true insight into the broadness of the role, and how talented you need to be to be good at it…’’

Of course we said yes! We appreciate all of the hard work and hours Clara has put in the past 4 years she has been with Chat From Home, and we couldn’t wait to hear her stories.

"A great tip for any sex phone operatator is to use personal experiences and events from real life to infuse your stories with realism. It does make you sound more honest, and I’ve always found callers get more involved too. One time a caller wanted to discuss how to get himself going, and I remembered my friend telling me about a funny incident with her boyfriend. After they’d had sex, the next morning, her man had noticed some strange substance on the bedsheets. Questioning her, they figured out that before they started having sex, he’d been chewing gum which he’d left in his month to make his breath smell nice. He’d eaten her out and then had full on rough sex, which explains the gum. For some reason, this caller was a clean freak so I thought what better than something sticky and fresh to integrate into our escapades, which he loved.

One of the funniest conversations I’ve ever had working on the chat lines involves a man who had, at least in my opinion, an unhealthy obsession with parsnips. It wasn’t just about where he wanted me to put them, it was the situations he came up with in his mind. For example, he wanted me to pretend to have been birthed from a parsnip and simulate being cradled by it. Then he wanted me to grow up into a parsnip, yet still with female anatomy so that he could, in his own words, ‘’prepare me.’’ Then he had me do sexy dances with parsnips. I found the whole situation very funny, and had to stop myself from bursting out laughing a number of times. That’s another good tip: have a cushion or pillow nearby to muffle your laughter - because believe me, a caller who hears you laugh will never call you back again - well if you’re laughing at them anyway.

Those who do you call you back however are those who really appreciate your time and help - and sometimes, these are the ones who are in need of most support. Sometimes people just want someone to talk to, and the sex side of things is just an afterthought. It’s always hard hearing about deaths in the family, or when people are suffering with a painful decision, but I do think these conversations can make a real difference, so I always make the most effort with these (sorry other parsnip fanatics). Recently, actually, a regular of mine rang up because he’d just lost his job due to stress-related issues, and he was having a hard time coping. We talked through what bothered him at work, how his boss made him feel worthless and that he just needed to get out. He seemed really appreciative of my suggestions: take some time for yourself; get support from a trained therapist; spend time with those who love you. It wasn’t the easiest conversation I’ve ever had, but I think it was worthwhile.’’

Clara gives some great advice doesn’t she?

We know that some of you may be reading this and are unsure about whether phone sex life is right for you. As you can tell from all of these stories, no two agents’ experiences are ever quite the same, and therefore, yours likely won’t be either. You’ll get callers who’ll be all about the sex. You’ll get callers who’ll just want to talk. You’ll get to enact situations that will make you cringe. It’ll be fun at times. It’ll be tough at times. But all of the time, you’ll be providing a service that is very much sought-after by a lot of people, and therefore, one that can provide you with a competitive salary for the industry.

If this sounds like the kind of role you would like, please fill in our application form here. This asks for personal details such as your name, email address, mobile number and phone number, as well as your date of birth. A member of our team will then call you for a chat about our services and what your role would involve, and to answer any questions that you may have. We’re always happy to help, so let us help you discover whether this is the role for you.